“Hey Is For Horses, Not For Managers”

At my first corporate job we used Lotus Notes and subsequently used an instant messaging program called Sametime. I’m sure many of you reading this are familiar with it. If not, it’s basically exactly like Instant Messenger except it says “Sametime” instead of “AIM” in the window.

Anyway, one day I had to ask one of my managers a question so I sent him a Sametime and said “hey.”

He replied “hey is for horses, not for managers.”

I’m not sure if he was trying to be funny or if he was trying to suggest that I should be more formal with him. But since I hated working there (in fact, it was that job that inspired this website) and I was already annoyed in general, I responded:

“no, that’s ‘hay’ with an ‘a’. I was addressing you with an informal greeting which has previous been established as being acceptable given the tenure of our professional relationship as evidenced by the fact that yesterday in the hallway you saw me and said ‘hey!’ and proceeded to initiate a high-five.”

He was kind of a tool anyway. He was the kind of manager who would get in an argument with you about how some system code or something worked, you would empirically prove him wrong, and then he would give you a bad performance review as revenge.

4 Replies to ““Hey Is For Horses, Not For Managers””

  1. This is probably the same kind of guy that goes for a high-five, gets ignored, and then kicks over a chair in his office.

  2. Typical boss!!! When they are in bad mood, no matter what we do, they will just pick on it and criticise/scold us!!! The worse thing is they even put words into our mouth and blame on us when things are not in “their way”!!! Shit the corporate life!!!

  3. Lotus Notes! Our company uses that too. ST also.

    Corporate life sucks because of all those managers that think they’re above everybody else.

  4. Oh yes i know of this too. Pat on the back for your response. Managers somehow think that when in this building you have to act a certain way towards me. A “real” manager, and there a only a few, would not give you crap for saying Hay. These types of people i categorize as “corporate pussies” and they live a miserable life. When at the job they try to make up for their own inadequacies by acting like that. It is easy to see the types that fit into the “corporate pussy” category. For one, they think like they dont have to say hi but to only people that can fire them. These people are all over corporate. I think they need to be snuffed out.

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