Attn: Everyone – “Ping Me” Does Not Mean “Email/IM Me”

Ping. verb

1. the act of checking the speed of Packet data sent and received on a network.

I propose a revolution: whenever the next corporate idiot wants you to send them an instant message and tells you “ping me when you get back to your desk” (or whatever), reply with “Ok, what’s your IP address?” Then perform an actual ping on him and inform him of his computer’s response time 😀

4 Replies to “Attn: Everyone – “Ping Me” Does Not Mean “Email/IM Me””

  1. Refer to Sarah Palin and her use of the word “refudiate”. Sometimes despite our best efforts, people create new words and meanings.

  2. Marshal, why do you feel the need to politicize this discussion? I suppose it’s Sarah Palin’s fault people are using the word “ping” out of context now. Well at least it’s not George Bush’s fault this time.

  3. Genius! At first, I thought the people meant they were actually doing some sort of pinging or at least a file transfer. Then I realized those people don’t know shit about tech and that’s their way of acting like they know something.

    Unfortunately I’ve recently noticed tech-savvy people say it on occasion. I will most definitely ask for their IP address next time!

  4. A friend, who is an IBM’er, just asked me to “ping” her. I have no idea what she means. Imagine having to do a google search to find out what people mean. Crazy. I still don’t know.

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