Rules for Office Elevators

If your office building has an elevator you probably use it every day, especially if you’re lazy (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). But there are certain rules that should be followed if you’re going to use the elevator.

1. If you just got in and someone else is approaching the elevator and is only 5-10 feet away, hold the door open. Don’t be that person who starts hitting the “close door” button really fast, and if you are going to be that person, definitely don’t look at the person and shrug as if you were actually pressing the “open door” button but it wasn’t working properly.

2. If you are waiting for the doors to close and someone else is approaching the elevator, but they are still 50 feet away down the hallway, you don’t have to hold the door for them. This is especially true if I’m in the elevator with you and I’m late for a meeting.

3. No farting.

4. The person nearest the buttons is in charge of pressing the buttons. If there are 10 people in the elevator and everyone is trying to reach over and press the floor they need, it becomes a giant cluster of awkwardness and fail.

5. Personal conversations get put on hold if someone else is in the elevator with you. Really, you can wait 20 seconds.

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  1. Some others:

    – Dont dare to stare. Staring on an office elevator is a no no. Watch your shoes, the ceiling, close your eyes…
    – The awkward silence usually starts around the second floor the elevator starts lifting…

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