It’s OK to Say “Merry Christmas” to Me

You can’t even say “Merry Christmas” in the office anymore without offending someone. What the hell is that crap? I remember years ago when you could say “Merry Christmas!” and people would respond “Merry Christmas to you, too!” People used to decorate the office with Christmas trees and banners that read “Merry Christmas” and everyone was happy. But you can’t do that anymore. It’s all “Happy Holidays” now.

The worst part is that no one cares except for HR. If you say “Merry Christmas” and someone in HR overhears, you’re going to get written up for being culturally intolerant. They will tell you “you know, people who celebrate Hanukkah and Kwanzaa will be offended!”

Are you serious? No they won’t! I’ve never met a single Jewish person who was offended at me saying “Merry Christmas” to anyone. I even say “Happy Hanukkah!” to my Jewish friends. I’ve never met anyone who celebrates Kwanzaa, but I’m sure they wouldn’t be offended, either. Hell, I’d like to meet someone who does so I could tell them “Happy Kwanzaa!”, but HR probably wouldn’t allow that, either.

What about people who celebrate Festivus?

What about members of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

You know, I feel that HR is not being sensitive to their needs when they display a Christmas tree, a Menorah, and a Kinara (Kwanzaa candleholder) in the lobbies of their buildings. Where is the Festivus pole? Where is the… whatever Flying Spaghetti Monster worshippers display?

You know what, I can’t even finish this article. I have to go cry to HR about cultural insensitivity…

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  1. are you kidding me? Still complaining about this?

    why don’t people say it anymore?

    Because it’s not 1970 anymore and the majority is no longer white Christians of European descent and that you live in a society that herald multiculturalism as one of it’s greatest achievements.

    It’s no wonder that huge blocks of time for rest on the calendar aren’t about Christian only holidays anymore. they’re everyone’s holidays.

    so, get a grip, quit living in the past and embrace your future.

  2. Your comment is completely off the point, the point is that a simple saying “Merry Xmas” is now frowned upon because the corporate world needs something else to make us conform to their idiotic and pointless ways, I completely agree with this article.

  3. Hmmm….Bitter and Untalented, you work HR don’t you?
    I can tell because of the way you commmented on your own opinion on not the actual article. And of course the glaring inconsistencies in your statement that could only come from the type of person that whacks off over mission statemnets and corporate sustainability projects. You just saw the words “Christmas” & “Workplace” and thought ‘here’s a way I can justiofy my useless existence’, the same as you do at work. Didnt you?
    See corrections below:

    1.The greatest per capita conentrations of practising christians are in south America and Sub-Saharan Africa. I’m sure they taught you about “geography” at corporate douchebag school didnt they?

    2. Multicultralism. I bet you think multiculturalism is having a a few ethnic cafes in your whitewash, fake lawn, yuppie suburb. Instead of extolling the virtues of your perception of multiculturalism over your half decaf, half caf 3/4 latte to your equally worthless HR oxygen theif friends at that GORGEOUS little Turkish patisserie that TOTALLY defines you as a person; take a walk down the street in a burka or turban in any country town one day and check out the real ‘achievement’ of multicultralism.

    AND in 1970, no would say merry Xmas to each other at work because no one had to work xmas! it’s HR douchebags like you trying to create “culturally sensitive environments” that have fixed that for everyone.

    I thought the article was spot on.

  4. Corporate upper mgmt are cowards. Pure and simple. That’s why we can’t say merry Christmas.

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