5 Ways to Lose My Business As a Potential Customer

I do a lot of business online and as a result I interact a lot with various companies’ websites and email customer service.  Sometimes I’m surprised by what I encounter.  Here is a list of ways to lose my business as a customer or potential customer:

1. Have music and/or a video autoplay on your website.  This goes double if the volume is super loud and it scares the crap out of me when it starts playing.  How can losing my business go “double”?  You lose my business and I’ll also tell a friend your company sucks.  Double.

2. Have your website resize my browser.  SERIOUSLY.  My browsers are sized correctly for my own optimum surfing experience.  Make your website work for everyone or gtfo.  Resizing browsers is so 1998.

3. Send me a link to a database when I email you with a specific question.  Your job as a customer-facing employee is to answer potential customers’ questions.  I do not want to look the answer up myself in your 500 page database.  I want you to answer my question because that’s what you get paid to do, which brings me to my next point:

4. Answer my specific questions with vague nonsense.  You know who does that?  Scammers.  If I ask you a specific question, give me a specific answer, otherwise it screams “I’m BS’ing you!”

5. Send me a form letter response when I email you.  This goes double if the form letter response doesn’t answer my question because your algorithm incorrectly tried to guess my question based on the words I used.  See #1 for an explanation of how it goes double.