When I Ask For Clarification, Don’t FWD Me Another Copy of the Same Email

It boggles my mind that some of the people I deal with can even manage to tie their shoes in the morning.

Imagine you get a request from a client for some work they want done.  Ok, great, right?  Except their request has a few issues so you email them back and point out the issues and ask for clarification.  At this point, you are probably expecting an email from them clarifying the items in question, right?

So imagine when the response you get is just a FWD’ed copy of the first email they sent you.  This is like the business equivalent of when some idiot is dealing with a tourist who doesn’t speak English and they just repeat themselves louder when the tourist doesn’t understand them the first time.

Way to be classy, asshole.

Had I wanted to read a stupid, unhelpful email, I would’ve just read the first email you sent me all over again.  Why send me the same thing again?  Why?  What possible thought process lead you to do that?  Were you like “Hey, this guy asked specific, quantifiable questions, so rather than answer them so we can move forward with this project, I’m just going to send the same ambiguously vague bullshit again”??

I cannot wait until I have the power to refuse work for clients simply because they’re annoying to deal with.

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  1. Why not it has probably been circulated around several Business’s 20 times or more?

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