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Stop Saying “Proactive”

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If I had a dollar for every time my managers used the word “proactive” in an evaluation, well, I’d have a lot more money than I do now.

The problem with this word is that, while it has a definite meaning, its use is vague enough that if your manager feels like giving you a bad review, they can just say you “aren’t proactive enough.”  Even if you do more than what is assigned to you, even if you anticipate future problems and take the necessary steps to avoid them, you can still be told you “aren’t proactive enough.”  It’s a more


If Your Website Resizes My Browser, I Am Not Doing Business With Your Company

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No exceptions.

What is this, 1995?

Same thing goes if you autoplay background music.  How does that garbage even get approved?

“Hey, you know what would be awesome?  If we annoyed our visitors with background music.  Oh, and let’s make the pause button really tiny and hide it so it takes them 30 seconds to find it.  That’s a great way to keep potential customers on our website!”




Hey Tech Support, When I Ask You a Specific Question, a Link to a 300 Page Database is Not an Answer

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I asked a specific question because I want a specific answer.

If your garbage documentation was helpful in the first place then I wouldn’t have even needed to bother you with my question at all.  But since your documentation sucks, now you need to answer my question.

That doesn’t mean to give me pre-scripted responses, either.

It means listen to my question and then give me the answer.  Not 5 other things that aren’t the answer, and certainly not a link to a big ass database that may or may not have the answer in it somewhere.

Geez, this is like if I ask more


What Is the Cloud?

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I thought the normal barrage of corporate buzzwords was bad enough, but now everyone has to talk about “the cloud” all the time?  Really?

Exactly what is the cloud?  Every time you see a technology commercial, someone is talking about “the cloud.”  It must be pretty awesome, right?

Do you know what it is?

It’s the internet.


We’ve all been using the cloud for years.  In fact, you’re using the cloud right now.

So why are they calling it that?  Why the new name? Why not just say “the internet” or after you finish uploading something, say “it’s online?”

Because people like stupid names for things, more


I Am Famous in Turkey!

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It has been brought to my attention that someone in Turkey created a group on Facebook to celebrate Corporate Life Sucks!  Here is the link.  I am touched, and would like to express my gratitude, appreciation, and love to my fans all around the world.

It seems that corporate life sucks no matter where you live.  Keep fighting the good fight, everyone.


Coming Soon: Hate Mail and Fan Mail

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Stay tuned. I’m going to be posting some of the best hate mail and fan mail that I have received in the last year.

Don’t worry; I won’t share anyone’s email address.