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Hey Tech Support, When I Ask You a Specific Question, a Link to a 300 Page Database is Not an Answer

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I asked a specific question because I want a specific answer.

If your garbage documentation was helpful in the first place then I wouldn’t have even needed to bother you with my question at all.  But since your documentation sucks, now you need to answer my question.

That doesn’t mean to give me pre-scripted responses, either.

It means listen to my question and then give me the answer.  Not 5 other things that aren’t the answer, and certainly not a link to a big ass database that may or may not have the answer in it somewhere.

Geez, this is like if I ask my doctor a question about a drug and he throws the Merck Manual at me.

This makes me want to rip out what remaining hair I have on my head.

Answer my damn question.

Answer it.

Even saying “I’m not sure, let me get back to you” is better than the BS I’ve been wading through for the last 45 minutes as you throw answers at me that might be good answers to other questions, but don’t address the specific question I’m asking you.

You suck.

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  1. Fiodor Timofetch
    Apr 22, 2012 at 09:33:42

    Tech Support – Job description: sending copies of the database via email when asked for tech support. PhD required.

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