Top 5 Articles to Read While You Wait For My Book

I know the book is supposed to be out by now, but you know how things go.  In the meantime, here are some classic Corporate Life Sucks articles for you to read while you’re working late without being paid overtime.  On a weekend.

The article I wrote that was the inspirational basis for this entire website:
Working in Systems Development Sucks

The article that exposes the truth about the corporate game.  It’s not what you know, nor is it how much work you do.  It’s how much your managers think you do:
How to Get a Good Performance Review

So many of you are disgusting:
It’s Too Bad a College Education Doesn’t Teach You How to Use the Bathroom

Keep your germs away from me:
If You Come to Work Sick, You Should Be Fired

Stop talking like idiots!
Guide To Corporate Buzzwords, Part I

These should keep you satiated until the next article/book release.

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