Being Micromanaged is the Worst

Seriously. You want to know what I’m working on right now? The same thing I was working on five seconds ago when you last asked.

And when you ask again in another five seconds, I’ll probably still be working on the same thing.

4 Replies to “Being Micromanaged is the Worst”

  1. Way back when, I worked for Gayot Publications in Los Angeles – the people that publish those dining and travel guides. If you hate micromanaging, then this place is hell on earth.

    Basically, I was treated like an employee, but a highly-micromanaged one, even though I was hired as an “independent contractor.” I finally quit around the time I was being told where each and every desktop icon should be positioned in Windows.

  2. You know what’s my first experience with micro management was like. I moved to office from warehouse and a dude trained me. he’s on the same rank as me.It’s just he’s been there fore 5 years. He’s grumpy guy. He tried to micro managed me and I hated it so much. All he asks everyday is: are you done yet? What are you doing? Why are you so slow?

  3. The worst is when one of your coworkers, at the same level as you are, got promoted and he takes his promotion “seriously”. So the very same guy that works in the same things as you did, suddenly knows more than every other guy in the team, even more than more experience college.
    And what is the first thing this guys do ? Micromanage.
    and treating you like interns, as if you had a month working for the company.

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