Are You Here to Grow With the Company, or Just For a Paycheck?

Have you ever been asked this before by your manager?

What a loaded question.

Obviously saying anything other than “I want to grow with this company” is going to get you a ton of shit. And don’t get me wrong, that is exactly what you should say. But consider the opposite:

Does your company want you to grow? Does your company actually give a shit about you? If your job suddenly became “redundant,” as the British like to call it, would leadership say “oh gee, it’s too bad Joe Schmoe’s job is being eliminated… we really like him and want him to grow with the company. Let’s create another position just so he can stay!”?

I’ve seen that happen exactly one time.

In every other case, it was “yeah, we eliminated your position. Bye.” And this is for everyone from temps to middle- and upper management with 15+ years of experience.

In most cases, corporate loyalty gets you nothing. People live and breathe for their company, and then as soon as the company is done with them they are swept aside. This “company loyalty” mindset has even trickled down into “corporate etiquette.” You know the “two weeks’ notice” that you’re supposed to give before you leave your job? How many companies actually give their employees two weeks’ notice before they are fired?

“Hey, Bob, just so you know, we’re going to fire you in two weeks. Thanks for all your help over the years!”


So to answer your question, I am here for the paycheck. Our economy is such that money is required to live, and the easiest (legal) way to get money is to work, so that is why I am here.

But I’ll never tell my manager that! I love this company!

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